Restrictions and Fees

With drought a constant threat across California, all of us are being asked to make conservation a way of life. That is why EVMWD remains in Stage 2 of its drought plan, which requires efficient water use and prohibits waste. In Stage 2, customers can irrigate outdoors four days a week. In addition, pool and spa covers are required and installation of new landscapes is allowed only if drip irrigation is used.

Fines/ Restrictions

What is allowed… What is not allowed…
Limit sprinkler operation to no more than four times per week Washing down sidewalks and driveways
Use sprinkler irrigation systems after 6:00 p.m. and before 6:00 a.m. Watering during or within 48 hours after a rain event
Watering by hand with a hose and an automatic shutoff nozzle is okay during daylight hours Using fountains or water features without recirculating pumps
Adjust sprinklers and irrigation systems to avoid overspray, runoff and waste Providing water at restaurants unless requested
Notify and provide documentation to EVMWD for repairs of leaks or broken irrigation equipment within 14 days Watering on windy days
Uncovered pool or spa
New landscape without drip irrigation


What are the penalties for water waste?

In Stage 2, customers who waste water will receive a written notice of violation from EVMWD for the first two instances. For the third and subsequent violations, a monetary fine will be assessed as outlined in the chart below.

Violation Fine
First Written Notice
Second Written Notice
Third & any subsequent violations $100


For detailed information about Stage 2, please review EVMWD’s Water Shortage Contingency Plan here.